moodating 1.2 roadmap


moodating 1.2 will be completely redesigned and improve some of existing features

Sign up process changes

  • Add new profile preference at first step when sign up
  • Redesign profile question

Redesign profile page

  • Add profile image slider block
  • Add profile general information
  • Add interests block
  • User can configure their profile background
  • Add basic information block
  • Add new profile image upload feature
  • Add profile match score feature
  • Add suggested profile block
  • Add status block

Rework People page

  • Find people based on profile preference setting
  • Advance profile search
  • Filter search via interests
  • Add saved search feature
  • Add Matched Score between profiles based on interest and profile question

Web Screenshot

Sign up and landing page screenshot
Profile screenshots
Find a match, Encounter, match score Screenshot

Mobile web Screenshot sneak peek

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